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Gadgets for Seniors

Gadgets for seniors are products that are for the particular needs of older adults. Gadgets make great gifts for seniors for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, anniversaries, Grandparent’s Day, and other milestones of life. There are a plethora of gift ideas for seniors, but some are more helpful than others. In addition to a smart home for seniors, many people want to incorporate everyday items and a host of gadgets to make life for seniors more enjoyable.
These gift ideas for seniors can help seniors engage in their hobbies, adjust to health problems, engage them mentally and physically, and promote an active lifestyle.

1.Gadgets for Seniors Living Alone

Seniors living alone can face significant challenges, especially if they have medical problems that impact their mobility or ability to take care of themselves properly. Disorders like diabetes, arthritis, or neurological disorders can exacerbate risks. Even seniors without major health complications can face issues with living alone. These are some of the dangers that seniors face when living alone:

  • An increased risk of falling without assistance in navigating their home;
  • Social isolation;
  • Decreased ability to pay bills on-time and organize finances;
  • Inadequate nutrition and difficulty making meals;
  • Mobility issues; and
  • Lack of assistance in the case of an emergency.

Gifts that focus on alleviating some of the challenges of living alone can be a boon to seniors in the quest to age in place. These are some of the gifts that can help seniors who live alone.

  1. Get Safe Medical Alert System: The Get Safe Medical Alert System is both a medical and home security system that makes a great gift for seniors living alone. The system uses a series of wall buttons, pull cords, and voice technology to connect seniors to emergency call centers. Those in the 24/7 call centers then arrange the appropriate local emergency services, whether it is the police, an ambulance, or the fire department. Seniors with some mobility issues will especially appreciate this gift, as seniors can use voice technology to connect with emergency services without having to push a button or in case of an injury after a fall.
  2. Bay Alarm Medical on-the-go GPS Help Button: The Bay Alarm Medical on-the-go GPS Help Button is wearable technology for seniors that easily connects them to emergency services. It can clip on like an old-timey pager or can go in a senior’s bag when they the house. The GPS technology makes it easy for emergency services to find a loved one, while it enables caregivers to find their loved one if they go missing. With one click of a button, a senior can get the help they may need while living alone.
  3. Ring Doorbell: The Ring Doorbell integrates security with a trackable system that keeps seniors living alone safer. The doorbell uses video footage to dissuade intruders and package thieves, which makes it safer for seniors who may forget to bring their packages in right away. It also allows family members to monitor who may come in or leave the home, such as caregivers or anyone attempting to sell something to the homeowner. Seniors and their families can also interact with someone from their computer, phone, or another electronic device without opening the door.
  4. EZ Off Jar Opener: The EZ Off Jar Opener is a boon to seniors living alone who may need a little extra muscle power to open their jars. Seniors living alone with arthritis or other issues impacting their wrists will especially find this gift handy. Someone simply mounts the device to the underside of a countertop, and anyone can place a jar lid in the center and twist it. The lid should come off easily.
  5. Apple iPad Air: The gift of the Apple iPad Air helps seniors living alone stay connected with friends and family to increase their social interaction. Unlike the regular iPad, the iPad Air is extra light for seniors who may have trouble holding or using heavier objects. It also boasts a bigger screen for those with vision problems. Loved ones can help their seniors living alone download and set up the apps they need to stay in touch.

2. Helpful Gadgets for Seniors

As people age, they may need help with a range of basic tasks to maintain a positive quality of life. Seniors may experience vision problems, hearing problems, or a lack of mobility. These gifts are helpful gadgets for seniors that can assist in keeping loved ones independent.

  1. MagniPros LED Page Magnifier: The MagniPros LED Page Magnifier is perfect for a senior who is an avid reader. Since vision problems are common as people age, it can be difficult for seniors to read and engage in their normal hobbies. This magnifier is easy to use and very light. It comes with LED lights and anti-glaring capabilities to make sure the light is not too bright.
  2. Autiphon Rechargeable Hearing Aid: The Autiphon Rechargeable Hearing Aid is actually a hearing amplifier that seniors can wear to help them hear. It helps focus on conversations and sound from the TV or music while decreasing background noise. This gift helps seniors who have some hearing issues. The device fits in the ear like earbuds and comes with volume control buttons that are easy to navigate.
  3. Vibe Reacher Grabber: As people age, it can become difficult to extend or bend down to get things. Finger and hand dexterity can also decrease. A handy grabber gives seniors a bit more leverage. The Viber Reacher Grabber extends 32 inches and is durable enough to use indoors or outdoors. The jaw of the grabber can also rotate to pick up things at awkward angles.
  4. OXO Dressing Hook: Many disorders common to seniors can make it harder or more painful for seniors to dress. The OXO Dressing Hook helps with one of the most difficult parts of dressing – the buttons. Seniors just thread the device with a large handle through to the button and close with the device. It can work with all sizes of buttons for shirts or pants.
  5. Sock Aid: Bending down to put on socks can become difficult with age. Back pain or difficulty with hand coordination can make it difficult. Sock Aid helps seniors put on their socks easily and independently. They just put a sock on the device and use the soft foam handles to pull the sock on their foot. This helpful gadget requires no bending or difficult movement.

3. Health Gadgets for Seniors

Health problems in the aging population are common and can interrupt a productive life. Disorders common in seniors can include dementia, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, loss of vision and hearing, chronic pain from injuries, and more. Senior care technology that supports a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in keeping seniors independent. These are some of the potential gifts that have a healthy outlook in mind.

  1. Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser and Subscription Service: Help seniors manage their medications with the Hero automatic pill dispenser and subscription service. This deluxe dispenser maintains 90 days’ worth of your loved one’s medications. It comes with an app that helps seniors and their caregivers manage their medication, including reminders, tracking, and missed pill alerts. It also runs a prescription delivery service to easily send medications for seniors who have difficulty running errands.
  2. Fitbit Charge 5: Help seniors monitor basic vital signs and stay active with the Fitbit Charge 5. This fitness tracker sends key information about heart rate, breathing rate, oxygenation of the blood, and more. It monitors the sleep patterns of the user. It also tracks steps and encourages seniors to get in their steps by alerts for walking and standing. The lighting and large digital display make it easier for those with less than perfect vision to use the device.
  3. Quinear Leg Massager: Help seniors with edema or muscle soreness due to medical conditions, such as diabetes, with the Quinear Leg Massager. It can also help increase circulation. The pads wrap around the legs or the arms to provide compressive support. With a push of a button, your loved one can turn on two different massaging modes with different levels of power.
  4. Viktor Jurgen Shiatsu Massager: Aid pain and tension in the neck or back with the Viktor Jurgen Shiatsu Massager. The massager goes around the neck or wraps around the back. The sixteen different massaging nodes also come with different heat options for a heated massage. The device is lightweight with easy-to-push buttons.

4. Fun Gadgets for Seniors

Fun gadgets for seniors can make life a little easier for seniors. These are some fun gifts seniors will enjoy.

  1. Tile Stickers: Memory declines as people age, and it is common for seniors to lose keys, remotes, and other small items. Tile Stickers make it easy to find anything. The stickers can attach to almost anything and can last for several years. Seniors can track the items through an app or use the alarm to locate the item with sound if it is in range.
  2. iRobot Roomba 694: Make cleaning up easier for seniors with the iRobot Roomba 694 model. Not only is this a great gift for a senior with mobility or pain issues that make cleaning difficult, but it is also a fun gadget to have in the home. A caregiver or a senior can schedule the cleaning time or use voice commands to start the vacuum.
  3. Amazon Kindle: Entertainment abounds with the Amazon Kindle, Amazon’s e-reader device. It can hold hundreds of books so that seniors have plenty to read. Lighting adjustments and anti-glare technology help seniors find the lighting that works for their vision. This fun gadget can provide entertainment for seniors and challenge their mental acuity.

5. Innovative Products for Seniors

Innovative Products for the Elderly

There are many different types of products from technical innovations to product services that are a boon for seniors. These are some of the most innovative products for seniors that also make great gifts.

  1. ElliQ: Give a senior the gift of a (robotic) friend with the ElliQ from Intuition Robotics. The robot uses AI to get to know a senior, predict their patterns, produce humanistic phrases to say to them, and give them suggestions. It comes with a screen to display workouts and meditations. As a product exclusively for seniors, it has the older population as its key demographic. It comes with entertainment and helps seniors organize their lives, including doctor appointments.
  2. SpillNot Drink Carrier: The SpillNot Drink Carrier helps seniors who have difficulty holding hot drinks without risking a burn. It works to reduce the spillage of any liquid. Just place the cup or bowl on the device and carry it from the top. Seniors can carry their drinks without worrying about spilling due to the curved shape of the product.
  3. Senior Cuisine: Whether a senior is always on the go or homebound, they will appreciate a subscription gift to Senior Cuisine. This meal-delivery service focuses on the nutritional needs common to seniors to deliver pre-made meals. Senior Cuisine has options for diabetics, those going through menopause, heart-healthy meals, low sodium options, and more. A simple reheat is all seniors need to do.

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