Firstlight Home Care

Firstlight Home Care is a national, in-home care service that can offer you a range of expertise depending on you or your loved one’s needs. Unlike some other home care agencies, Firstlight directly employs its caregivers instead of using independent contractors. This allows for standardization in recruitment and payment procedures for all its caregivers. It provides a strong incentive program and base for its caregivers through its awards program to incentivize excellent care and companionship.

Date Established: 2010

Number of Locations: 147

Employee Vetting and Safety

All caregivers have pre-employment background checks and must pass the company’s Culture of Care training, which provides extra training for in-home healthcare. In states that require licensing, Firstlight Home Care guarantees compliance. Your caregivers all have liability insurance through their employer. The company hires a mix of experienced caregivers, CNAs, and home health aides.

How to Pay for Services

You commonly pay out-of-pocket for services from Firstlight Home Care. Depending on your situation and the eligibility requirements, Medicare or Medicaid may pay for a portion or all your costs. Veterans’ benefits can also apply. Check your policy to see if long-term care insurance covers the services that you need. The average expense of this home care service varies widely depending on the number of hours, the specialty that you require, and geographic location.


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